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LG-31inch-OLED-TVOLED TVs use a new display technology called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).  OLED televisions are brighter, more energy efficient, thinner and with better refresh rates and contrast than LED or Plasma TVs.  An OLED display functions without a backlight which means it can display deep black levels and can also be thinner and lighter than established liquid crystal displays.

OLED – The future of Televisions

Several companies already have small screen TV’s on the market.  Sony have the 11 inch XEL-1 and LG also have the 15 inch 15EL9500 both of which are available within the UK.  In 2011 a number of the big manualfacturers will be introducing larger-sized OLED TVs.  Samsung has demonstrated a 40″ HDTV OLED, and Panasonic has also shown a protype 37″ display, but LG appear to the the next manufacturer to take the OLED size crown with its 31 inch OLED TV due to be launched in March 2011.

LG has revealed their OLED TV roadmap: 15″ displays in 2009, 20″ in 2010, 30″ in 2011 and 40″ or larger panels in 2012.  The 40″ panels in 2012 will be targeted at the very top end of the market and will in their words be “fairly expensive”… LG says that in 2012, OLEDs will cost about 50% more than LEDs, and by 2016, OLEDs will cost 20%-30% less than LEDs.

Currently the companies are trying to keep the costs down, and also there is a problem of lifetime – OLED displays go ‘dim’ faster than Plasma or LCD ones – but this aspect is advancing rapidly.  But these issues will receed over time as the technology matures and new production facilities come on stream in 2011 and 2012 – Samsung have recently committed $2.2 billion to building a state of the art OLED production facility specifically to service the emerging OLED televison market.

Although our primary intrest here at www.best-oled-tvs.co.uk is the  potential of OLED technology to make truely fantastic televisons sets, right now small OLED displays used in mobile phones such as the HTC Desire, Galaxy-S, Google Nexus-S and Nokia N9 clearly show some of potential of this tecnhology.  As more advanced manufacturing plants come on stream in 2011 and 2012 we will see OLED displays start to appear in more PC Tablets, displays, and top end televisons.