It looks like 2011 is set to continue OLED’s on going journey towards main stream acceptance, prices will remain high for the foreseeable future but there can be no denying these Television sets have the potential to truly awesome.    LG have had their sunning OLED 15in LG-15EL9500 television on the market for a while now, but it is rumoured that the South Korean giant will be launching a gorgeous 31 inch OLED 3D televison in March 2011.  There is little argument that this TV set represents a stunning piece of design.  We have known for a while that OLEDs TVs can be made incredibly slim, but LG has surpassed itself as this TV is just 2.9mm thick, with a tiny 8mm wide bezel. The connections require a break out box for all the connections and tuners, but LG claim that there will be a ceiling mount option available that will mean all that connections can be hidden away out of sight.

The real selling point of OLED  TV’s is the stunning picture quality, colours are incredibly bright and vibrant and because there is no backlight to bleed through ‘blacks’ have no hint of greyness. You will never have any problems with viewing angles, no matter what angle you position the screen you will get the same unbelievable quality picture.