The 11inch OLED TV became the first commercially available OLED TV in September 2008.  This Ultra-sleek and ground breaking piece of kit delivers a mind blowing viewing experience. Super-high contrast, true-to-life colour, and picture clarity that only OLED can deliver. Crisper, cleaner images are displayed without any blur even on fast paced sports or all-action Hollywood blockbusters. At just 3mm thick at its slimmest point and weighting only 2kg, you can enjoy more flexibility as to where you put it, as there’s no loss in viewing quality from any angle.

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OLED technology produces a rich vibrant image without the use of a backlight, so individual pixels can be turned off completely when reproducing black resulting in an astonishing dynamic contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1 which means ‘blacks’ are well, black!  Many people wonder why OLED shows so much potential, well screen response rate is one of the exciting attributes of this new technology. Rapid panel response can be measured in a micro seconds – over 1000 times faster than conventional LCD TVs.




One of the other features of OLED TVs is their amazing energy efficiency. Some of the newer screens currently being released are 40% more efficient per panel inch when compared to traditional LCD TVs.  In fact the Sony XEL-1 costs about the same to run per hour as a traditional 40w light bulb.

So where could this technological marvel find a home? There is no doubt that today the Sony XEL-1 is targeting the top end of the market. But with its gorgeous picture quality and Sony’s brand there will be a place for it by the bedside or in the study of many luxury houses.